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Show me your art!


So um, I'm a bear.

Another aerobic gymnast. Interesting coloration for a fox, eh?
Dude, aerobic gymnastics are cool! Looks like a great way to learn anatomy too. O:

Here's some fanart I did of one of my favorite video games! TTwTT My Valentine <3


Happy merman

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Here is my horrible art drawn with a mouse in Medibang. xD This is why I prefer to commission artists to draw my characters for me. This is a new character and I made him to be more anthro than the rest of my humanoid cast. I haven't given him a name yet and the only information I have come up so far with is that he is a faun and he loves nature. *shrug*


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"Tolston! You've been holding that position for hours now! I think it's time to give your core a rest!"

Emerald Blaze felt like demonstrating his incredible upper body strength by performing a "human flag" or in this case, an "anthro flag." He's going for a world record, though he's surely not going into the record books. His identity is public knowledge after all.

Emerald Blaze © heroicswordsman23
Art © me

Happy merman

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Medibang and mouse. I wanted to draw my cute faun again even though my drawings are trash. xD The two drawings I have posted this far are the first pieces of art I have made since 2008. I stopped drawing that year because it was just not fun anymore and I regret doing so. I'm 32 and a baby can make better art. xD Aaaaaaaa



Here's some more recent stuff by me


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