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Show me your art!


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Hey guys!!! I love drawing Pokemon so here is some that I have done!! Check it out and let me know what you think!!!

My FA is here:https://www.furaffinity.net/user/ploufpuff/

Untitled-Artwork (36).jpg

Untitled-Artwork (38).jpg


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"This outfit draws inspiration from a TV series from long ago. It wasn't treated well and did not last very long. But, there are people out there who are still mourning it and yearn for its return. I decided to wear it in my own colors to honor it. Those "furries" are going to swoon over me while I'm wearing this."

It's about time you saw something of this caliber from me, eh?


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Working on something I hope will become a mini comic - just need to have enough energy between farm, job, and family to do art for myself:



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One of my most recent sketch pages! Just a bunch of kitties


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My most recent pieces that I have done whilst FAF was offline, more infomation on my art thread or via links.



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I finally made something. It's been a while. This is my orca dude I've had forever yet he still doesn't have a name. At least now he has a complete art piece. lol
Name ideas are appreciated btw.
Edit: People think he's a shark.
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An image from a little over half a decade ago that I don't feel too bad sharing. I really should get back to practicing / sketching things out in my free time.


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My FA I have a lot of digital art, but lately I've been doing more sculpture and pottery. I'm going to be at PAWCon this year as a vendor!