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Show me your art!


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Next two drawings for inktober – dripping and coffin.



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This is actually my first 100% not traced or copied digital art drawing. When I first got into the fandom, I copied someone else's character and repainted it. I didn't see the issue really until I started to actually learn how to make art myself. So I deleted the character and I am trying to find any remaining shreds of her and remove them from old accounts also. I wish I could apologize to the artist, but I don't even know who they are. Anyways I accidentally wiped the USB drive I had the structure and base layers of this sona on. So instead of continuing working on it, I decided to stop and move on to other species as I continue to learn how to make art. I am hoping to continue to develop my skills and maybe do commissions at some point.
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i got bored, so i asked a friend for ideas and they said draw a dog plushie, so i did exactly that


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Just finished this one today!
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A reference sheet commission I just finished. It's censored with chocolate bars because ya know...


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I have made a short 8-frame animation for a new member of my family.