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Show me your art!


Peachy Panda
One of my recent commissions :)


Fanatic Artist


I recently saw The Bad Guys in theaters and thoroughly enjoyed it. And, oh, how delightful The Crimson Paw was; Diane Foxington in spandex and rocking great agility.

Her outfit is usually a fullbody suit, but me being me, I made some modifications to it. Now she's more sexy than she needs to be. <3

This is the third Dreamworks character I have drawn fanart of in my life so far.

Diane Foxington AKA "The Crimson Paw" © Dreamworks Animation
Art © me


Born To Be A Hero
I uploaded my recent work on my website:

I hav a furaffinity as well but still have to figure some things out on there so it's not really up-to-date


Digital artist


[creative custom title]
Wow like bloody hell ive been on the toon side of the fandom for so long i forgot how much art is just terrifying, not singling anyone out but damn after a few pages backwards i forgot how uncanny valley some furry art can be