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Show me your art!

a sleepy kitty

Buh bye. :(
Bought some Sculpey clay today :)


Fanatic Artist


August Wilder never expected Luau Night to be a thing, but nevertheless, he wanted to make a big splash and light up the night, literally.

August is a man of many talents, some that take years to develop. Although mesmerized by his faculties, many people scratch their heads at how he learned them. Perhaps he had them all along and was too shy to show them at first??? Who knows?


Fanatic Artist


Some friends of August's were having a movie night and it was one particular Disney movie that they watched (you know the one). It activated something inside August who, the next day, was seen in the sultry jungles of The Congo. Swinging on vines, grinding on mossy branches with his bare paws, and flipping and twisting with more grace than a man raised by apes could ever have.

Little does he know that he's caught the attention of a person trafficking cartel that operates deep in the jungle... And little do they know who they'll soon be messing with....

This is the first time I've ever used a background initially created by an AI. And it looks pretty awesome imho.

Background created with Midjourney.