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From out of the rain.


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what does It mean?
It's a little bit of trivia that every day of the week in the English language has been taken from Norse culture (other than Saturday, which is Roman instead). Moon's Day, Tyr's Day, Odin's Day (Wodan's Day), Thor's Day, Frigg's Day (or Freya's Day), Saturn's Day (or Bathing Day in the actual Norse), and Sun's Day.

This is one circle in a series of seven, styled after the days of the week (if curious, you can see the currently finished ones in my FA gallery), based on Frigg, the Goddess of Motherhood, Predicting the Future and Marriage. The runes in the smaller circles around the main circle say "Frigga", and the B-looking rune is the one that is the most associated with Frigga. It also just so happens to be the true logotype of Bluetooth lol.

Another fun fact: in traditional Norse marriages, instead of rings, the groom and bride exchange swords instead, which is why there are stylized crossed swords in the middle.


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I recently did three pieces for Sph9398 on FA. Their character, Rain, is a Jackalope!

Here's her description, per the owner:

Visual References: https://drive.google.com/drive/fold.....eMia5jW5hXRTl6

Rainnamon, also known as just Rain, is a jackalope who has lived in an isolated forest village for most of her life as a cook and a local happy-go-lucky resident. Her information on the outside world was made by stories as well as things that were left behind in her village's nearby forest.
She is optimistic, athletic, caring, and curious to a potential fault. On a normal day, you'll most likely find her exploring, cooking, playing her game consoles, or doing workouts to a VHS tape in her future room, a room made up of old things she holds onto while thinking they're futuristic tech from the outside world.

Extra Stuff: The things she has are from the 90's and 80's, just to give you a range of how f̶u̶t̶u̶r̶i̶s̶t̶i̶c̶ behind her style is. She also loves to say radical, tubular, and other old slang words. Lastly, her favorite food to cook is cinnamon buns. They're delicious and what her full name was based off of.


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