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Show me your art!

Screenshot 2022-10-04 3.26.42 PM.png
one of my comic characters in my series as a manga version

I had to screenshot it because the picture was larger T_T like 4k large size
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So, here goes with the most recent update of mine. This was just a practice at drawing a head based on an head style I did a while back. But this ultimately evolved into a bit of Digimon fanart since I'm on a mon nostalgia binge trip as of late.

So folks, meet Lykaiomon. A Rookie-level Wolf Digimon with electric powers. Well, half of them anyway.


So yeah, this made a nice change of pace. I've got something more important in mind next, but I might go back and complete a different full body for Lykaiomon down the line.


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Happy Halloween and Merry Christmas everyone! I saw them both in the same store and I ship them hard.


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This is mines


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Stray Cat Terry

테리 / 特里 / テリー

I'm proudly presenting--the 《Off Tracks》!
It features two scenes in one, as a cyberpunk faction of my fictional universe!

Background cityscapes by a pal, credit on the edge of the picture. Else are by me!

A proud collab it is! UwU