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Haven't gotten the chance to play around with it too much, but here is what I've done so far:

Casey Fluffbat

E. Fuscus from the discount section
I bite the heads off of gummy bears, does that count?


Demon Lord
the only candy gore ive drawn so far is human, i really need to draw more furry related gore


Woof? Woof
I wasn't sure I understood the OP, but now that I understand what they were talking about I understand even less than before.
I can't even try to describe what I think I learned.
Candy gore = Basically body made out of candy. Yeah, welcome to the Furry fandom.

Don't worry. This is the least weird in the fandom..


Snake It 'Till You Make It
Guess I might as well test the ice by posting to a thread like this.


Those are not bones, just filled liquorice, I swear. Also terrible british sweets as eyeballs. Not too colorful, but maybe I'll change that with another character.