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Show Me Your Funny Gaming Moments

Do you like to have fun when you game?

  • Hell yeah!

  • No. (Why do you play then?)

  • Only when I win. (I can change that.)

  • With friends. (Can't have fun on your own? Loser.)

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Maximus B. Panda

The Red Menace
You've got to have something funny and memorable that you've saved during one of your gaming experiences, so why not share it?

Show me your OWN funny gaming moment(s). No reaction videos, no other people's videos (unless you are in it), and no boring off topic bullshit.

This is just for the videos, we may check out your channel if we like the video(s), but for god's sake no advertising your self-important selves.

I'll kick it off.

Your turn. If you don't have any fun moments, you're lame.
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