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show me your fursonas !


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this is boo! he's an acid cat, half cat half toxic sludge monster. i just redesigned the fur patterns as i had some new ideas and i'm happy with how he turned out!:) i'd love to see y'alls fur babes too:3 also hello, i'm zii, i'm not brand new to the forums but i don't really post and haven't gotten too into things yet haha. but helo! nice to meet you!^_^


Cat With A Guitar
This is Sabrina/Sabby :> They're a siamese cat who loves candy and anime.

Kit H. Ruppell

Exterminieren! Exterminieren!
Pik, my feral Mesozoic borb thing, as drawn by Corviform on FA:

Sam Akuchin Wamm

Roundworm In Goat Guise

they usually have pants but green and sweaters is kinda his thing.

the character has a complex design and a deep lore so unless something contradicts an aspect of his design i'll kep quiet other than saying he's based on a Rocky Mountain Goat and he's a dwarf like myself.

he has a large roster of colorful friends and his plots normally revolve around the relationships with them rather than any kind of adventures.

however he's a charismatic little ass who likes to sleep around and runs a "love hotel" as well as being involved in the petty crime region of the criminal underworld.

his hotel itself is a labyrinth of passages that lead to places all over the world by method of hidden portals including other hotels he runs.

however he has a heart of gold under his charming jerk-like behavior and uses the hotel as a front for giving sanctuary to those who are underprivaledged or in trouble helping them get back on their feet and take control of their lives.
Meet Silver and Dawn!


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