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Show Me Your Herps! (Reptiles and Amphibians that is....)


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Need to get back into the swing of art again, so I'm planning on doing some free art when work/classes permits it. The catch, my current offer of free art is only available for feral or anthro reptile or amphibian characters. Avians may be considered as well so feel free to leave a request if you have an avian character.

*Offering free art of:
-Reptiles (Nagas, Snakes, Lizards, Crocodilians, Sphenodons, Turtles, etc.)
-Amphibians (Newts, Salamanders, Frogs, etc.)
-Avians (Birds of any kind, griffons will be considered as well even though they may be part something-other-that bird, things like hippogryphs also considered)
-Dragons (Less preferred, but still feel free to leave a request)

*NOT FIRST COME FIRST SERVE (Art will be completed on my time of characters I choose, my apologies if you're character is drawn. Not all characters interest me and since this is free, well, no promises will be made to anyone)

*Random Stuff You Should Know: Art quality and level of detail will be random. I enjoy drawing items and accessories. I may tack simple backgrounds onto some pieces so feel free to request a type of background. I'd prefer single character pieces but if you have two characters you'd like to see drawn together, don't hesitate to ask me. No adult art. All art will be digital and uploaded to FA.

*You Should Also Know: I enjoy drawing food. Especially junk food. And candy. And fruit. And fancy drinks. And cupcakes.

*Fill out simple form---

Character Name:
Reference: (Pre-existing refs, images or written descriptions welcome. If written, please have a detailed description. Poorly described characters will likely be ignored)
Notes: (Include any information here about what you'd like to see drawn. You could suggest poses, backgrounds, actions, a scene, anything)

If you have multiple characters you'd like to request art of, fill out a form for each. No limit on the number of characters you can request art for (After all, more characters means more options for me and a greater chance of one of your characters being drawn).

Let the requesting commence.


You're a silly filly!
Character Name: Fleur
Notes: I'd love to see her eating a cupcake.

Character Name: Yggdrasil
Reference: Yggdrasil is a Lamia. She is very long, with wide hips, her snake portion looks like a coral snake. Her hair is long and pink. Her eyes are green and serpent-like. She is well endowed. She wears a strapless teal bikini top with multicolored jewels dangling from the bottom edge. Also, she has a set of deer-like antlers. I apologize if the description is horrible.

Please and thank you for considering!

Tf'd Toucan

Transformation Catalyst

Exerpt from http://www.furaffinity.net/view/8691957/
What she saw was not what she expected to ever see, not ever, not even if it was that only thing that could save her life. She looked at herself dumbstruck as she saw a big, purple, scaly snake looking back at her, she fell backwards screaming. She hit the ground in an awkward fashion and she felt a concussive pain between her legs. She spun around only to see that a purple snake’s tail was waving back and forth. A lighter purple, diamond-weave pattern was also present on Maya’s new growth. She got up one more time, realizing that her legs and arms were completely covered in scales, and she breathed a sigh of relief that she was able to keep her limbs.

Her relief didn’t last long, however, because she felt, a throbbing pain inside of her mouth. She stuck her scaly finger into her maw, and felt that two sickle-like fangs were sprouting and a forked tongue flickering around. Her hand retreated as they fully emerged, and poison began to fill in. She was much skinnier now, and her clothes slipped off.

She hobbled back to her dresser, getting used to the long tail that dragged behind her. She opened her dresser and her closet, looking for something that could cover her up. The only things that fit her were a plain black shirt with tattered sleeves and hem around the waist, and a pair of skinny jeans that she had to cut a hole in to fit her tail through. Maya grabbed a pair of sunglasses from her closet and sat back on her bed, being careful of her tail.

At the end of the story she actually becomes a goo monster snake, so you can do either a gooey naga or anthro snake

The pose should just be something sexy. No adult, but preferably general, but you can go to mature

First-rate Temerian Sword

Female Dogs and Garden Tools
Character Name: Kemsley of Cadosethia
Reference: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/8570676/ Instead of drawing him with a bare chest, give him a red tabard with dark brown short sleeves. With a boar's head drawn at the center of it.
Notes: My character is based around the medieval themed times. Would be interesting to see him walking through the streets of a rotten old village. Just ask if you will need more details. Thank you for your time.


My gif animation doesn't work
Character Name: אדם אשל (Adam Eshel)
Reference: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/7160443/
Notes: Adam Eshel is a herpanthrope (naga) working as an Israeli spy. His pattern is based on ]this adopted Arbok's.[/COLOR] He usually wears a white cotton kilt (in human form he wears it under his pants, and he takes off the pants before he transforms and his legs fuse). He is a sneaky assassin and very good at intimidating people when he gets close to them.


Are you still open for requests?


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If you're still taking requests, I guess I could take a shot at one:

Character Name: Daphne from the Scooby Doo TV cartoon series
Reference: http://helloladies.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/Daphne-Blake1.jpg (Daphne), http://www.aladdincentral.org/images/albums/eyeofthebeholder/eye16.jpg
http://www.aladdincentral.org/images/displayimage.php?album=9&pos=23 (the Eye of the Beholder episode)
Notes: I would be great if you could draw her transforming into a Naga similar to how Princess Jasmine transformed into a Naga in the Aladdin TV episode Eye of the Beholder.

I included references for not only Daphne, but for the episode where Jasmine's transformation took place. If you cannot do this however, that's OK too.


I would love to grab one of my Sammy if I could please.

Character Name: Sammy
Reference: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/9245934/
She's the lead singer of her band.
Wears dark and neutral colors.
Never wears full shirts, always wears tube tops.
She does have webbed duck feet.

You can design her an outfit if you would like, and I would very much so like that cause I'll probably use it.
I would really love to have something of her singing or posing and looking all sexy. She's sweet in an aggressive way. She's a punk butch to say the least.

Either her just rockin' out, or maybe a cute picture of her singing in the shower would be awesome.
and if you wanted to draw her with food, she really loves those Calamari snack things.

Thank you for the consideration and opportunity.


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guys, this person hasnt posted since september, odds are this thread has been forgotten about or they are done doing art.