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Show Me Your Rough Drawings


New Member
I had so much fun with these drawings in the past couple of days. Feel free to show me your drawings and if you want to, I may be able to give you critique. Also, my works are open for critique as well.

www.furaffinity.net: Tiara Poses by Monbai


www.furaffinity.net: Titanium 2.0 by Monbai

www.furaffinity.net: Akila Returns by Monbai


New Member
Cool! I'd be happy to critique. I think overall, your drawings show a good sense of posing and line quality. You seem to have good control with lines. I would push the poses a bit more, especially the first two images where we see the characters in motion, which are really cool. I made revisions to make the flow of the pose better. I adjusted the proportion and shape a bit for the sniper girl because her head seems a bit off from the rest of her body. Other than that, I would definitely continue to keep your drawings more loose and relaxed as it will prevent your poses from being too stiff. Hope this helps, and good luck!