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Show your Christmas gift art!

Did you gave anyone art-gift this Christmas?

  • Yes!

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  • Yes and I received one too

    Votes: 1 25.0%
  • No but I received one

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  • No

    Votes: 2 50.0%
  • I didn't draw the gift myself but bought a commission instead

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Active Member
I made this topic so anyone can show off their art they made as Christmas gifts to their friends etc. ^^.

#Can be from previous years.

#You can post links to your FA gallery so people can fave it :)

(I'd prefer the topic to be SFW though)

Here are mine:


www.furaffinity.net: AT: Brothers plus pizza by FluffyStorm


www.furaffinity.net: Just passing by... by FluffyStorm


www.furaffinity.net: Such two adorable... whatever they are by FluffyStorm

Now it's your turn!


The Real Wheels of Steel
I didn't specifically create artwork as a gift in and of itself. But I did produce a couple of drawings to customize a couple of generic cash-giftcard cards with a version of a character on a third regular card (I could only find one funny card on Christmas Eve, whooda thunkit). I drew two versions, paired them with a semi-witty comment referencing the enclosed money, then glued them inside the cash/giftcard cards for presentation to the recipients:

As usual, a full description was written for the actual submission on FA.