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Shower thoughts


Dat Wolf

If people had the ability to read minds, would that also mean you can read your own mind and be stuck in a constant loop of reading your mind?

Can something really be unidentifiable? Since we could easily identify it as being unidentifiable...
If u were invisible, how would you use your hands since you couldnt see them


Well-Known Member
Why do we put trash in brand-new plastic trash bags to send to landfill, but recycle other plastic bags made from the same plastic.

Jackpot Raccuki

Vibing Raccuki
What if tricks like "You are now manually breathing" are actually just commands and we are just robots that have been made out of flesh.

Do animals have a persona? Does my dog have a persona? Does my dog have ERP with other dogs when I walk him!?
When bald people wash their faces, how far do they go ?



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There might be a religion in some remote part of the world which says that anyone who does not stand on a single, specific rock will go to hell...and it's the one true religion:confused:


mane diva
A Poor man still has less power to participate in the develpment of his society, than a rich man who can bribe lawmakers and delegates. Therefore we don't have a real democracy. Only a plutocracy with occasional elections. Uncontrolled financial markets and turbo capitalism arn't pillars of a democratic society. They are the root of it's demise.


How much more of this am I going to take before I just leave?