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Shower thoughts



Are the Kilrathi descendants of Kajiit who got transported to another planet through a warp in space time caused by the opening of an Elder Scroll?

Frank Gulotta

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When you swat a fly away, you use more energy than it will use in its lifetime

Deleted member 134556

Since all the food we eat gets it’s energy from the sun originally, the more you eat the more of the suns energy you consume, so going by that logic, if you’re fat, you’re just a big ray of sunshine.

Frank Gulotta

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Fursonas are just mascots of the hidden parts of their creators.
The creators are just masks for their Fursona's to hide behind.
What even is this fandom anymore?

The creators are like the outside walls of the house, and the fursonas are the inner walls. If you keep painting over both, overtime you can reunite them in one big ball of paint

Kit H. Ruppell

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Is it "Eat, shit, and die" or "Eat shit, and die"?