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Shower thoughts


Are we moomin, or are we dancer?


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“why am I imagining braixen setting fire to smokey the bear?”

Connor J. Coyote

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Hmmm..... should I buy these rolls, at the Safeway tonight ? :cool:

Kit H. Ruppell

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What if we were ALL cops?

Foxy Emy

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What if the spider in my shower yesterday was just as shocked that I saw her naked as I was that she saw me naked.

Monosuki the Aurian

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What would happen if one were to denote the concept of peanut butter and jelly?

Why can't penguins fly? (Bad joke incoming) Was it because they were...


Jackpot Raccuki

Although half canine, is not a wolf.


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Internal affairs?

Doesn't matter. If everyone's a cop, then everyone will assume they have the moral and legal right to police everyone around them. That's what being a cop is in theory, upholder of the law and peacekeeper of the population in general around them after all. They do so by placing someone with LESS authority under arrest when required as they see fit based on their knowledge of the law and (hopefully) common sense at thescene of the incidents. So far so good?

But everyone around them would feel the exact same way if we're all cops, so if they see your arrest as unjust they will arrest you right back. Internal affairs would be overwhelmed and effectively powerless...assuming anyone even acknolodged them as "supercops" (the police of the police) Since they both answer to the same root orginization it would be even more meaningless than it is currently. Basically, who who applies the cuffs to who? Right NOW cops get away with untold amounts of illegality simply becasue their "fellow" cops protect their fellow co-workers. If everyone was a cop, internal affairs would just be more cops policing more fellow cops but since EVERYONE would be police, nothing they say would have any more meaning than the cop they'd be talking to.

Hence my statement of "authority would disappear overnight". Nobody would have the right to arrest anyone any more than anyone woudl have the right to investigate themselves UNLESS you had a special group of overseers with special authority in legal enforcement. We call that "cops" currently, and it only works if there's a power imbalence in their favour. (gouverm permission to be a cop basically, but remember, we ALL have that permission in this scenario)


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Who came up with the idea of spirit animals?

Deleted member 134556

Who came up with the idea of spirit animals?
Native Americans are the most recognized for being some of the first, and historically some shamanists in Northern Europe, parts of Asia, and Africa worshiped animals similarly from my reading, a few with the very goal of becoming said animal both characteristically and quite physically through ritualistic and behavioral practices.

The history of animal deities and spirits being worshiped, incorporated, and personified is a diverse and worldwide phenomenon.
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They should do a remake of Shattered Union, but include more strategy and resource management as well as make it so you can ally with or conquer Mexico and Canada.

Miles Marsalis

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Morning meetings are bad, but morning meetings on the weekend when you're normally off are the worst.

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Shop smart.
Shop esse mart.
Shop cmart.
Shop semen art.
Ma feet hert.
Shop dmart.
Shop dollar sto.
Water is so watery but not pond water.
My feet hurt.
Great Christmas! Everybody gets a new Lincoln Town Car!
Everybody gets one!
Toast is so good. I want more toast.
But no with cheese. Just butter. Butter.
Udder butter.

Kit H. Ruppell

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-Happy Hardcore? More like Crappy Tardcore!

-Does Vivziepop have a thing for DILFs?

-Is this my life? Is this what the next 60 years or so are going to be like?
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