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Showing of some recent art and my comic



as the title says i here to show off some of my recent work, so starting of here the cover and first page to my current comic project cult-following a 24-page one shot comic that me just trying to well take what i'v been learning in college and apply it to making my own thing and just to learn by doing some more.

the cover look good to me but i wish i shaded it as it feels really flat but like it and the composition and perspective i think should be good.

first page is ok i just need to make i add a lettered sound effect in next time i do something like with the clock, beside that i jst not to happy with the colors, they don't look right to me.

Here a little doodle i inked and colored from my sketch book and man does this look good really happy with how the butt came out.


Here an example of how i sketch stuff as i don't do full on digital i pretty much just use it to ink and color stuff as it a lot more easier and less expensive, beside that it just a fun design i'm working on for some illustration and maybe a comic idk yet.

And hat some of my more recent art i'v been able to crank out and so if you like it or dislike or just have some advise for me hit me up as i'm just wonder what people think of my stuff.

If you did like my stuff please feel free to check out my page and check out the rest of my gallery and if you liked that maybe give me a watch- Userpage of h.g.pup -- Fur Affinity [dot] net