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Free Art: Showing off your beach bod!


Deaf artist
I found a photo reference of a female model showing off her bikini via Pinterest for practicing female antomy even tho I drew females many times) to polish my drawing skills. I watched a few youtube videos on how to draw sexy female human characters and I decided to give it a try with my art style.

I might do few slots of this YCH I'm offering for y'all.

No avians, equines, robots/cyborgs, and humans.

The summer is here, yay! Time to show off your body with some cute summer-y outfits! I'm not good at drawing clothes, but this art gives me a chance to practice drawing clothes. All you do is give me your visual reference and what outfit you want your character is wearing. Nude is fine for NSFW or SFW.
bikini showoff.png

Female, She-male or Herm.


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Loot Rat

Here's Jane. She could wear an white swimsuit. Actually i got a pic for reference of her wearing one. She's lying so not the best ref but still.
Also here's an alternative bikini choice: https://bit.ly/3abPmEg
Thank you!


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Explosion loving skooma cat

I'm a little plain but maybe like this one here:


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Simply magical~ ✨
Sorry it’s not showing for me. There is only whitespace.


Simply magical~ ✨
Ah! Now it is! Thanks again!

I really like it! Feel free to draw more fan art anytime; and I hope it was fun to draw my character!
Have a magical day~ ✨
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Can you do my shemale vixen, Ariel, wearing these bikini components?

Also, if you want to add NSFW elements, I’m happy to describe any further details and provide the NSFW variation of her reference.


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Formerly Kotaro Akatsuri, now Alita Inoue.
Would love to have Alita or Taro drawn like this!
Alita (No Clothing reference, artistic freedom for outfit!)

Edit: I'm dumb and reread through the thread entirely. Apologies as I didn't see your closed thread comment until after posting.


Formerly Kotaro Akatsuri, now Alita Inoue.
Two questions

1. Any issues with centaur characters

2. Is a single image enough for ref?
The thread was closed (via replies) and I miscommented. This thread is perhaps obsolete.