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Shows and movies you first knew of from a sequel or spinoff


A fox named Ridley
There are a few shows and movies that I only found out about by discovering a sequel or spinoff. In some cases I didn't even know it was a sequel/spinoff until I came across the original years later. For example, I used to watch Ozzy and Drix on TV and had no clue that it was based on the movie Osmosis Jones until I came across it some years later. Similarly, my first exposure to All Dogs Go to Heaven was through the TV show, and I saw the sequel and Christmas special before I ever saw the original.
My experience with The Secret of NIMH was a bit weirder. I first learned about it from watching The Secret of NIMH 2, which is obviously a sequel based on the title, but I had no idea about the original except that this was a sequel to it. Then my mom later read me the book and I figured, in my dumb kid brain, that the movie I saw was a sequel to the book. Then I saw the movie based on the book some time after college.

So, anyone else have the experience of seeing the sequel or spinoff first and didn't learn of the original show/movie until later?


Snake awakens
Oh yah. I'm sure most big horror series are like this for people. For me I remember seeing Aliens and I didn't learn for years that Alien came before it.


Birb Fanatic
A while back, I watched a show that was a crossover between two different anime/manga series, Cyborg 009 and Devilman, without having watched/read either of them. I just kinda decided to watch it on a whim. Naturally I didn’t know what the hell was going on, but it was pretty entertaining.
This was around two years before Devilman Crybaby came out. I ended up watching it and really liking it, although the ending totally broke me…as I’m assuming it did to most people.