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Shrinking in the wash


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No, we're not talking clothes here but me.

I was wearing a pair of jeans and they fitted well, however I then had a bath and after putting the jeans back on noticed they no longer fitted me, but were in fact now loose and kept falling down.

Does this happen to anyone else and if so why?

I was thinking this might be the same effect which caues your hands to wrinkle up in the bath- water leaves your body by osmosis and enters the bath water instead, maybe decreasing the size of my whole body rather than just my fingertips?


What were the jeans made of? It could've been the heat. Luckily enough I've had nothing shrink in the wash, I doubt I'd notice either way considering how loose my clothes are, har.


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You do not shrink in the wash.
when your fingers get wrinkly in water, it's actually the opposite of what you said up there. There is more salt in the cells of your skin than in the bathwater, so more water is absorbed into the skin cells to try to equalize the salt concentration. The skin cells swell from the extra water, and for the larger skin to fit onto a same-sized finger, it has to wrinkle. This only happens to the outer layers of skin, not your entire body.

There are several things that could be happening. For instance the amount of water in your body tissues varies through the day, so your feet are larger at night than when you first wake up. If you eat a lot of salt, your body will retain more water to keep the concentration correct until your kidneys can process the extra salt and water, so you may be a little larger then.

It could also be that your body was a bit sweaty and icky before the bath, helping to hold the jeans in place. So after the bath, the fabric could slide against clean skin where it stuck a bit against dirty skin. If you used the toilet before the shower, the change in bladder volume can change how your jeans fit, Also your jeans usually stretch out a bit as you wear them, so if they are tight when you put them on, they are looser after wearing them for a few hours. It's not a dramatic change, and you may not have noticed it while wearing them. But if you take them off, then put them back on, your mind doesn't compare the fit to when you took them off, it compares it to when you first put them on. So if they stretched a bit while being worn the first time, they will feel looser when put on the second time.