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I have two brothers on who is two years older, retired from the air force and currently a great grandfather. His eldest was born when he was 17 and hers when she was 14 and that one had one at 14 and so on. he is a high school drop out. Have not spoken to him in years. Can't understand a thing he says.
I was in the Navy but did not stay and went back to school and earned two studio masters. I am an electronics eng.
My younger brother (two years younger) is a lawyer in CA. He has a doctorate in law. He also has no idea what our older brother is ever talking about.
I have spoken to by younger brother once this year. We don't get along as I do not like the attitude Californians have that everyone else is beneath them, or least he has.
When we were young, we had many great adventures together but then girls got in the way.


Schrodinger's Drunk
My half brother and I never really got on together, no real malice but we just had nothing in common. We're cooler now, but that could just be cause we pretty much never see each other.

We don't get along as I do not like the attitude Californians have that everyone else is beneath them, or least he has.
Hush ye of inferior locality, lest we subdue you with our high tax rate and inconceivable laws! :v


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I remember watching a lightning storm on the patio outside with my little half brother singing our favorite songs together.


Schrodinger's Drunk
I remember watching a lightning storm on the patio outside with my little half brother singing our favorite songs together.
Oh man, that reminds of those stupid movies my bro and I made. x3
I hella need to find those.


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My brother is a year and half younger than me.

He used to be a very difficult child, having tantrums and getting in trouble all the time. I would get in trouble for trying to stop him most of the time, and wound up getting caught up in the mess. He's that kind of person that always did what they wanted, no matter the risk. Despite the heart attacks he damn near gives us with his actions, I can't help but admire how daring he can be. He's my exact opposite in that respect.

These days he's doing well for himself. Much better than I am. At the rate he's going he'll graduate before I do and be out of the house. It seems nowadays I seem to be the problem child in the family. After my breakdown in college our roles switched up and now he's the responsible one while I keep screwing up stuff. I'm just lucky that he's supportive and we get along. If he weren't around, I'm pretty sure I'd have been dead a while ago.

On a lighter note, we've kind of made each other into rather impressive gamers playing head to head all the time. I learn things from him and he learns from me also. And I don't think we've ever lost playing together in a game before. We pretty much balance out with our strengths and weaknesses and make a fearsome duo. Our friends often refer to us as the Mage (me) and Rogue (my brother). I kinda like the title honestly. My brother especially likes his since he's very much into Assassin's Creed.

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I got an older brother.

I was told when I was around 5 my parents were seriously worried that I was autistic. That was because I never said a word, besides inevitable crying now and then. Turns out after some counseling my parents discovered my crutch- my big brother, eight years old, was unintentionally my personal speaker. After cornering me they found my speech to be perfectly on par with kids my age. He was the outgoing person while I was more shy. I may have adopted my speech from him, but that is debatable.

Fast forward to 12 year old me, bro 15. Middle school was a zoo. Classes were obnoxious, halls stuffed with bodies, testosterone rain forest, thats for sure. But this, despite my bro not even being here, carved my reputation profoundly. He was one of my middle school's most beloved students when he attended. I grew into the habbit of ending up on nearly every adult's good side due to the success of my previous sibling. Hell, to this day I have teachers calling me by my brother's name rather than me.

By high school, I was ballin'. My bro made all my teachers go crazy over the honor of having the successor of a great student. Since all my bro's friends were cool with me being a cool guy's next in line, I was thrown a bunch of neat people to hang out with and got me into the Speech club, where I continue to build my charisma, social skills and peer reputation.

Sophomore year has dawned, and things are different. Big bro's moved out. We visit, but its not the same. Yet still he left a trail for me, his influence affecting the teachers I please, friends i make, and the girl that fell for me. If you get anything out of my little ramble it's this- Always make things better for those that fallow you. If you are the one behind, acknowledge those who carved your way, and work hard to make things good. My bro influenced my life for the better.

Thank you, Ryan!


The Sergal that Didn't Vore
I used to actually hate my brother (he's a year and a half older than me) because he would call me hurtful names (which I took to heart back then) and punch me (which I also took to heart) and later on would deliberately start fights with our dad just to stress him out, which was pretty upsetting because he would yell like crazy and it didn't make a great environment. I had absolutely no intention of keeping in contact with him after I left the family home.

But we actually get along a lot better now, now we have both grown up a bit. He's become a really nice person now and is a great big brother, and I regret being such an ass to him as a teen now.


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Older sister who once kicked me in the balls. That was also the last time I cried I think. Never experienced pain that beats a solid blow like that ever since.


My brother in a Nashville restaurant told me that he was going to give me some advice on life.

Before he could tell me what that advice was, the radio started blaring "Everybody Dance Now" by C&C Music Factory. So let's just say that his "advice" was one of the more enlightening information he's ever given out.



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I have a younger sister who once decided to jump off the side of our boat before realising that she couldn't swim and proceeded to panic when she started going under.

Fortunately it was a short swim back to the boat, it can be difficult trying to stay above the water with a panicking child trying to use you as a buoyancy device.


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I have a twin brother who lost a lot of his childhood memories in an accident when we were 14. So I've been helping him remember ever since.

Butters Shikkon

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I have a twin brother who lost a lot of his childhood memories in an accident when we were 14. So I've been helping him remember ever since.

That must be like losing him. ;_; My heart goes out to you, from one twin to another.

As for me, I have a twin brother (he's older by 8 minutes) who I dearly love yet somewhat dislike at times. We've never really not been friends, we've always lived together even before birth and he is the only person I can really tell my novel/story ideas to.

But sadly, he suffers from extreme anxiety, depression, ocd, and bipolar and is too prideful to take medicine for it. The longer I live with him, the more I want to be away from him which is something I find heartbreaking. He is one of my best friends and yet...an enemy as well.

I sometimes feel he has become my paternal grandfather (who also suffered from the same illnesses and acted just as violent). I really don't think he'll be happy.

I will say, nothing beats a good day with him...but its just a matter of time til he explodes again.

It's funny, I used to be unable to imagine my life without him, but now that I've become involved in a romantic relationship with a really calm guy, I really wanna escape from my Hell with my love interest.

I suppose that's just part of growing up.


Feigning intelligence
I have a younger brother. We had a quite hostile relationship between us when we were younger. Since he was born heavier and physically stronger than me, I usually retorted by abusing him verbally, insulting him with his obeseness and poor grades in school.

It seems that he was quite hurt by that, and how frequently my parents and teachers in school chastised him by comparing him with me. After he went to university and began to study something he was interested in, he started to make progress, and two years ago, he received his scholarship in university when I failed to get one. He smiled so brightly while stating that to me, and I can still remember that smile.


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My Sister and I pretended to be Radio Disc-Jockey's! and recorded our efforts on cassette tape to show to our parents... the only songs that we ever seemed to "air" were Spice Girl songs... explains a lot :p