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Signed up for a local fur con... no idea what to do now


New Member
Hey all, I have a question...
So I decided that I wanna try a fur con, even though I'm kind of new to the community. I already signed in without thinking too much, but I have never done a con before and don't have anyone to go along with. I have joined their Telegram group however. Any advice on what to do? Should I ask people in the group if I can go along with a group?


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That might be worth a try. If you've met any local furs, maybe reach out to them and see if they're going.

Some people are very big on going to a con with someone or a group of people, but I don't really feel it's necessary. I've gone by myself to cons the last couple years and had a really good time. I mean if you can go with someone, that's great, but there's also nothing wrong with flying solo. ^-^


aka Cutter Cat
It's always better to go with people you know, but if you can't just start talking with other Furries. They're generally a more than friendly bunch. When you go to the con, go to opening ceremonies. Normally, after opening ceremonies, there is a panel for those at their first con. Things to do at a con? Go to the dealer den first thing. If you are going to buy art or products, the earlier you go the better. If you get art, the artist can usually get you done while you're at the con if you get to them early enough, and as far as products go, the earlier you go the more selection you have. Be sure to watch the fursuit parade. The dances are usually very fun as well. Pick out some panels you would like to see and keep a pocket schedule with you *if they have one*. Mainly, have fun.