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Significant Others

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If I ever referred to Gator as my "mate" he'd send me to the corner. I find referring to your significant other as your mate to be kind of silly but I can't really muster the bile to hate on it. I tend to get it confused with the British/Australian term for friend so I don't immediately realize when people use it that they're talking about a bf/gf.


Boyfriend, mate, it's all the same to me. Really what is the point in even worrying what you call your partner?
This. The only opinions that matter are those of the people in the relationship.

Personally, I call my SO my mate to him and furries that also use the term. I just think it's cute. Otherwise I just use SO while talking about them to other people.
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I don't see why it really matters. I, personally, refer to my girlfriend as my girlfriend. However, I did date a girl who referred to me as her mate and, while I never really stopped being caught a bit off guard when she did, it didn't bother me. To each their own, ya know?

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I refer to my long-term partner as my Significant Other, or SigOther, because (to me) "boyfriend" sounds youngish or less committed, like the kind of relationship that you have when you are a teen or young adult.

We've been together, as a couple, for over six years. I don't really see a point in marriage, neither does he. . .we live together and are quite content to do so, neither of us has any interest in having kids so for some reason calling him a "mate" seems off.

I'm weird about words, so SigOther is the best I can come up with to describe our relationship.


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I like that mate is gender neutral x3 But it's so furry it's too silly to use in all seriousness, as I don't hear people actually say it often. I might say it to be funny :p

Significant other is also a nice term, and I like that it's not only gender neutral but relationship-neutral as well...and it can refer to dating, fiancees, or marriage...so it covers a broader range and can be used any way.

I'll still use boyfriend simply...I think 'datefriend' or 'datemate' would be nice to popularize as a term, but since it isn't that's rather odd too and sounds a bit weird.


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I use the word mate the way the Australians use it. It is a part of my regular vocabulary, like saying bloody hell. I don't use it as a "furry" term.


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I'm annoyed when people (especially youngsters) appear to be using "mate" in a pretentious or self-important way, as I think the term ideally ought to imply that you have a serious, strong, enduring connection with that other person, and because I generally roll my eyes when I see teenagers in particular trying to pass themselves off as wolves, vampires, emos, thugs, Objectivists, or some other type of pseudo-badass or pseudo-intellectual entity.

But, other than that, I'm fine with the term, and I appreciate it's gender-neutrality.
I use the term "mate" every so often in the Furry fandom, it has rubbed off on me. I also refer to him as "my human" since he's not a furry (haw)