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Silent Hills (interactive teaser)


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New Silent Hill game announced, but it get's better. it's being written by Hideo Kojima (metal gear solid series) and Guilermo Del Toro.


the video is a friendly version of the actual playable trailer, but I think I can say, I'm genuinely too afraid to download it.

if anybody has a PS4, you can download it. everybody is saying it's genuinely scary as shit.

from what I've seen, it stars Normal Reedus (apparently, Hideo is also trying to get Ryan Gosling to sign on as well!)


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Holy shit, holy shit, and holy shit, might finally be a good Silent hill again...


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Del Toro, might at least make some atmosphere. Kojima? Eeeeeh... not entirely getting my interest...

Wait... the guy from The Walking Dead? OOOOH! OH NO! Suicide! Suicide!


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"Silent Hill"
I've been wanting to get into this series. I heard recent entries weren't all that great though....
"Kojima and Del Toro are working on it"


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Metro did a pretty decent review of the game, and IGN did a walkthru- [PT1 and PT2] -for anyone too scared to play it, but wanna know what happens! It sucks that the actual PT isn't apart of the story at all. But you get a great feel for what is to come. I'm super stoked for it to say the least c: