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(Adopt/Character) Selling: Silhouette Alphabet Collab BB [14/26 OPEN] $6.25 ea


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Sascha Uncia and I are back with more collaborative silhouette alphabet adoptables. Due to the nature of this series, batch discounts are only available between silhouette alphabet batches. All silhouette sales will go to Sascha Uncia, while all upgrade sales will go to me, but don't worry about that when buying; we'll deal with the details on our end.

- - -

[UPDATE] The results are out:
$16.50 credit: ShadowTriad3 (DeviantArt) (BF)
Silhouette B1: Endriand (DeviantArt) (BJ)
Silhouette B2: IndigoBookwyrm (DeviantArt) (BY)
Silhouette B3: Murdockg1 (DeviantArt) (BD)

What's more, each silhouette purchased will also enter you into a raffle for these three designs:
, plus one $16.50 credit for any of my upgrades/commission/adoptables/YCH! You can also request 1 free entry in the comments. The 4 raffle winners will be announced on September 23.

- - -

ba) available
bb) available
bc) Bought by Scytoo (DeviantArt)
bd) Bought by Murdockg1 (DeviantArt)
be) available
bf) Bought by ShadowTriad3 (DeviantArt)
bg) available
bh) Bought by TerroStar (Fur Affinity)
bi) Bought by Endriand (DeviantArt)
bj) Bought by Endriand (DeviantArt)
bk) Bought by TerroStar (Fur Affinity)
bl) Bought by ShadowTriad3 (DeviantArt)
bm) Bought by Murdockg1 (DeviantArt)
bn) available
bo) available
bp) available
bq) available
br) available
bs) available
bt) Bought by Scytoo (DeviantArt)
bu) available
bv) available
bw) available
bx) Bought by Murdockg1 (DeviantArt)
by) Bought by IndigoBookwyrm (DeviantArt)
bz) available

- - -

Refined Sketch example:​


Traditional Flat-coloured Example:​


3D-printed pin info:​


Sticker info:​


- - -

Bundles can be made up of any of the following adoptables:

Batch AA: https://forums.furaffinity.net/threads/silhouette-alphabet-collab-aa-18-26-open-6-25-ea.1681545/
Batch BB: (You Are Here)
Batch CC: https://forums.furaffinity.net/threads/silhouette-alphabet-collab-cc-26-26-open-6-25-ea.1681695/
Batch DD: https://forums.furaffinity.net/thre...lphabet-collab-dd-26-26-open-6-25-ea.1682409/
Batch EE: https://forums.furaffinity.net/thre...lphabet-collab-ee-26-26-open-6-25-ea.1682453/

- - -


- Credit us if posting the original work in public places.
- Credit for design-work on a character is highly appreciated.
- We retain the rights to post the art for personal purposes. (portfolio and art blogs, mainly)
- Prices are in USD.


- Do not buy with intent of reselling the base design for more than its original value.
- No bullying of any sort to me or any other participants.


- We accept PAYPAL or E-TRANSFER
- You have three days to pay before you are taken off hold for the adoptable
- No refunds


- the species design, for commercial use (you can do pretty much anything with it, after payment is received).
- Full-sized image(s) available upon request.
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