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Free Art: Silly icons (Closed)


“Tango” the Aviator
Hello! I figured I’d throw mine in here as well!

Username: ТВИУО4570

Expression: Serious
Food Item: None


Well-Known Member
Awww, your art is so cute, I hope you choose my girly mouseboy Pip! ^_^

Username: thecaninelife

Character ref:

www.furaffinity.net: Pip the Mouse's Concept Sheet by TheCanineLife (NSFW)
Please draw the ears round with pink skin lining the inside like the ref below, thank you. :3
www.furaffinity.net: LuckyMao Request by TheCanineLife

www.furaffinity.net: Klip-Caw Request by TheCanineLife

www.furaffinity.net: dilena Request by TheCanineLife

Expression: Shy/Embarrassed

Food item: Yellow Banana

Hi I've done your icon. Its up on my FA. Here is the link for you.
www.furaffinity.net: Silly icon Pip by teacozy1


Well-Known Member
ayy that looks cute~ :3
I hope you don't find my char difficult to work with (I've never had a front shot done, so I'm not sure if the trunk would look fine) :oops:
Username: Clippit
Character ref: View attachment 53690
Expression: either happy or a little nervous looking, y'know, <:3
Food item: a pizza slice would be neat, I love pizza too :D
thanks for the chance :)

Hey I've finished your icon. I put it up on my FA. Here is the link.
www.furaffinity.net: Silly icon Clippit by teacozy1


Well-Known Member
omg it's super adorable! I love it!! thank you sooo much~ :D
also hey, I love greens in mah pizza, hehe :p

Ah I'm so glad you do~! It was fun to draw something really different for a change.
Thank you for tossing your sona my way uwu


Well-Known Member
If you’re still doing this, have a tiger for consideration!

Username: on both here & FA, it’s SashaBengal
Character ref: www.furaffinity.net: Sasha Reference Art by SashaBengal
Expression: sly grin (Like a cat pouncing on a friend lol)
Food item: none thanks. Modern food doesn’t work with her character sheet.

Thanks for the opportunity!

Hey I've finished your icon. I've put it up on my FA. Here is the link.
www.furaffinity.net: Silly icon Sasha by teacozy1


Cat With A Guitar
Username: Tendo64
Character ref:

Expression: Happy, silly!
Food item: A cookie or big swirly lollipop? :3
Thanks for the opportunity!!