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Silly paranoias


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90% of the things you are paranoid about will never happen, and 90% of the bad things that happen to you you were not paranoid about.

That being said, I am not a terribly paranoid person but I do have some of it inherited. I do sometimes believe when I am driving home at night that I might be being followed when a car takes too many of the same turns as myself.

I do however have my suspicions about events one sees in dreams. As a child, I had a dream once of being abducted by a man in the toy isle of a local K-Mart. About a week later I remember wandering into the isle (As I often wandered off) and seeing the exact same man from my dreams in the isle. Needless to say I didn't wander off anymore for quite a while.

Another story from when I was an even smaller child;My mother was trying to get me to get into a car my grandmother and uncle were taking out for a fun drive. For whatever reason, despite that I loved car rides as a child and it was one of the only ways to calm me down, I put up the biggest screaming fit and went so far as to dig my fingers into the ground to avoid being taken into the car. That was the day my grandmother and uncle both died, as the brakes on the car failed and they were both killed in the crash.

There are times when I get a gut feeling to avoid going somewhere or being around someone, and I listen.

So, while I am a strong believer in science and only what can be proven, I never stop doubting the unexplained.
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Does paranoia over relationships count?

If so, yeah that tends to have happened quiiiite a bit in the past. Not to where I let it affect the relationship at all, but it certainly affects me.
No matter how unreasonable it is I can never seem to shake it.


I'm paranoid that one day everyone I know will wake up and see that I am a disgusting, fat, needy bitch and then abandon me. Especially with those I love. Its crippling self doubt and insecurity, that.
When I'm lethargic, I get extremely paranoid.

Music I'm listening to might start screaming. Flash scares might pop up on televisions, whether they're on or off. My mind might start fucking up when I look in a mirror, similar to lucid dreams. I might start pissing blood. Bugs might start crawling out of my asshole when I'm shitting*. Some creepy foot fetishist might start licking my feet when I'm laying down. Someone might be staring at me from a window while I'm fapping.

I could go on. The shit I imagine is endless.

Let's not forget the one everyone has. Checking to see if there is a bloody corpse in the bathtub.
Don't lie. You've checked at least once in your life.

This one got a lot stronger more recently. Last week I was walking home from school. I came home, went to the bathroom, fixed my hair and felt something weird in my shirt. I reached my hand down the back of my shirt and found a half-dead bee sitting on my shoulder. I screamed like a little girl and chucked it across the room. I was pissing too, so I had to like hurry the fuck up and finish while I was watching the bee squirm around in the sink. Shit was scary. I'm not even afraid of bees.

I'm fucking scared shitless of tornadoes.

But that's not silly. Tornadoes really are capable of harming you.
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Let's not forget the one everyone has. Checking to see if there is a bloody corpse in the bathtub.
Don't lie. You've checked at least once in your life.

I never have, no lie. Is that not normal?
If there is a gap between my bed and wall, I can never have my leg into it. It just feels like something is going to grab me and pull me under. Even though there is no room for it under my bed ._.


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I've always been paranoid I'm going to get some sort of parasite. I had a horrible fear of tapeworms when I was younger.


Dream a little dream of me..

I really hate aliens

When people talk about them, I'm all like "haha, whatevs"

But really, after the conversation I'm paranoid and see shit out of the corner of my eye for like a week XD


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We all have our own personal fears. For example, I'm scared of sharks, some are scared of spiders, stuff like that. Some of us believe in ghosts, or bigfoot an' shit.

But there are quite a few people who at least on some days, depending on their mood, are feeling a little paranoid. Like, they walk out of their house one day, and think to themselves "that one thing I dread will probably happen to me today, so I'd best be careful". Like there's no chance of it happening so long as they keep a little bit of common sense, but they are anticipating it anyway.

For example, some people have this feeling that someone is watching them, talking about them somewhere, or they feel that they'd rather not go to the local cornershop because for some reason they feel like there's going to be an armed robbery that day.

Yet none of that happens.

Does anyone else feel like this sometimes? Personally, I always have this feeling that somehow I am going to lose a finger or an eye sometime in my life, and I get extremely awkward around machinery or sharp objects.

It's a silly question that popped into my mind just now, but does anyone else ever dread something that never ever seems to happen, ever?
Someone else with the weird finger or eye paranoia.

Yeah, I get slightly obsessive about one particular thing on occasion, usually completely random.

I once left the rechargeable batteries on the charger, and I was determined they'd Micheal Bay style explode because of it and my house would not be there when I got home. Stupidest thoughts ever.


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I'm constantly paranoid that ill fall down the stairs.

Day Coydog

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Sometimes when I get up in the middle of the night and go from my room to the bath room and/or back It feels as if there is some dark, evil creature stalking me, so I have to limp as quickly as possible to my destination of I WILL FUCKING DIE!

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I never have, no lie. Is that not normal?

Meh. For me its always that fear that someone might be hiding behind it. I think that's what he's really getting at. Definetly the fear of the unknown.


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One of my greatest fears would probably be waking up one day and every body i knew forgot i existed and didnt want anything to do with me.


I'm paranoid that when I'm just sitting at my house and I see a random car drive by really slow. That they're inspecting my house and are fixing to unload a bunch of firearms into my house. I can clearly remember nights when I grabbed a 12 gauge and a 36 inch machete (not pointing it at them, but just being ready)whenever people drive by my house real slow for 5-6 times, stop right in front of my house, and then just drive off.


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If there is a gap between my bed and wall, I can never have my leg into it. It just feels like something is going to grab me and pull me under. Even though there is no room for it under my bed ._.

I totally shoved a chest of drawers from a different bedframe under my bed to cure my fear of the underside of my bed. I used to like, RUN AND JUMP into my bed so that I didn't go near the fucking edge of it. And then it hits me that the horrible death thing that I imagine under my bed probably has this thing called an elbow and could just reach for me up and over and I was just, prone as fuck. But it's OK, because there's no way that it can hide under my bed now with a chest of drawers there in the way.

Due to various things I can't really handle myself around people who sleep quietly because I have to make sure they're still breathing. On campus it was especially distressing where people'd take naps on the grass and I couldn't tell if they were breathing.

I also might be incredibly terrified of yee naaldlooshii. I used to be scared shitless of the chupacabra.

Did anybody play Alone In The Dark? I mean the one from the 80s/90s where you're actually alone and it's actually dark. Because holy shit, it has scarred and haunted me and I'm afraid of looking out windows at night for fear that that AWFUL KANGAROO THING WITH THE BEARTRAP FOR A MOUTH WILL COME HOPPING IN THROUGH MY WINDOW.


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I'm afraid of looking at pictures of insects and germs under a microscope (We had to look in a microscope in class the other day so imagine how akward it was) I am also paranoid that people are always talking about me and I get VERY paranoid about what i say. (EX: I always think of what I could have said to make the situation I was in better)


I get paranoid over paranoia if that counts, only cuz I'm so unfunctional when paranoid =P. I'm usually cautious with what I think, I always get that irrational feeling that someone will know what I'm thinking, reading my mind and judging my personal thoughts. So I'm essentially paranoid over thinking any things, not even my thoughts are sacred!

Up until 15 I would check every corner and space in my bedroom to make sure no one or thing was hiding in there. Seriously I was shit scared of the dark and small hidden spaces for years, I hated the thought of someone jumping from under my bed (despite it being inaccesable) and stabbing me. Shit, I still sleep with my TV on as a result.

And more recently. I'm hardly logging into any of my online accounts on my mom's computer. I know my parents will check their Internet history at some point, on the very same day I'll forget to clear the browsing history, see 'Furaffinity'' and unwittingly click it...
Hi mom.​


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Tornadoes and fire. And being in the South US, I'm around both a lot, especially during Spring, so that time of year, I'm a nervous wreck.


Well I have two such paranoia,
I get paranoid when around dark areas, feeling something will pounce on me as I pass by or go into, hasn't happened as of yet...
And also I get the feeling someone is watching me urinate, and that causes me to seize up, so, I usual check around me before pissin'...