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Silverbass the Gryphon


He's not just any gryph, either.
He's a purple wannabe raver gryphon. :3


It's been a rough day, but I got him done.

Head Specs:
- Foam Base (I want to start making resin based heads soon)
- Sewn vinyl beak stuffed with Polyfil and covered in Plastidip. Squishy, very inexpensive, and keeps its shape. Works for me. :3
- Small white follow-me resin eyes
- Moving jaw (Which still needs some adjusting)
- Wire-supported ears
- Done in about 5-6 hours total. Side project of mine to keep skills sharp.

Character Specs:
- Name: Silverbass
- Gender: Neutral, but is addressed as a male
- Orientation: Unknown.
- Doesn't really have much of a life; just loves to party and listen to music. Loves cats and Starburst candies.
- Dislikes dubstep (like his creator) and drama starters.

And now for some self-advertisement: COMMISSION VID HERE :3