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Simple drawings / sketches


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Hi, I want to boost a bit my presence in the community so I thought of giving some freebies.

How it works:
1) reply to this post that you are interested
2) wait for follow-up post or update of this one
3) I'll PM you
4) your free art will be posted on my FApage and you'll get mail/link with original piece
5) 3 slots as for now:

  1. lockaboss
  2. Xing Tian
  3. Azrion/Zhalo

Additional info:
I reserve myself some time after step 3 to thinking before creating so you may wait few days maybe a week.
Max 2 characters per slot.
Not confident with male-gay-art so use at your own risk.
No hardcore porn (scat/gore/etc), some eroticism and kinky stuff is ok.
I'm a noob.
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