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Simple Monotone Sketches | Slots available (5)


Hurpadurprup of the Sea
Hello!! I'm not good with intros so I'll just cut to the chase! XD I'm selling Simple Monotone sketches like the ones below. Starting price is at $10 (for a bust or icon)





•Commissioned art are for personal use only.
•You can not edit, recolor, remove signature and the like on the artwork.
•Wips and longer discussion of commissions will be done via PM.
•Follow FA rules

Things to note
•Starting price is at $10 (for a bust or icon), for 1 character.
•Max is $25 (this is for those who want detailed full body stuff), for 1 character.
•These are made to be simple. If you'd like something detailed it will be higher than $10
•Style wise gonna be like my samples above.
•I work in a first come first serve basis.
•Additional characters will cost extra.
•Note that monotone means different shades and tints of 1 color.
•If you'd like something other than sketches do check my comm info.

If you are interested please fill this out

Whatever you wanna be called
Range: Bust | Icon | Half Body | Full Body
Description: Something about your character, like the personality.
Reference Image: This is optional, I personally like working from descriptions, its a good challenge.
Notes: If you want a specific pose or color.

I kinda like to keep things simple and organized so sorry if this place is a little bland. :/
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