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Anyone play these?

I have played FSX:Steam edition, X Plane 10 and such.

Of course taking off and such seems easier then landing certain planes.


Autumn Wolf
The only "Simulator" I have currently in my library is Elite: Dangerous.


A Lynx to the past
I remember Combat Flight Simulator back when we still had Windows 98...I played Elite: Dangerous for a bit didn't get on with the online side of it.


Flying the tiny skys
I had FSX, but I like the old IL2 series, and DCS. The stall/ spin characteristics feel right.

Of course the only background I have on this is from model planes- I have a P-40 that will do high speed stalls if you jam the elevator back, and then spin. However it won't lock in the spin like some full size planes.

On Il2 if you were flying the P-39 or King cobra, and you spun it, even with gear and flaps out, and full anti-spin inputs, it won't recover. Turns out the real ones would do that too- the CG is too far aft.


The only "Simulator" I have currently in my library is Elite: Dangerous.
I keep looking at that, but it looks like something you really need to have time to put in to get the best out of. Not sure if I have that these days. Shame, because back in the day I loved Frontier.


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I don't know if it counts, but the only simulator I like is the Sims.

I used to love messing with the Sims, but nowadays, I like the aspect of building houses (and other structures) in that game.

Shane McNair

Ace Pilot
I haven't run any of the newer ones, but I used to mess around with flight sims all the time when I was younger. FS 2002, 2004, CFS, and CFS 2. Still have my old joystick too. Good times...

Latur Husky

I used to play:
- Il 2 Series
- Train Simulator
- Trainz
- Silent Hunter III & IV (got also V but it's not so good.)
- Arma II & III
- F1 Series (Got few titles on my steam list)

And few more. In general I like this type of games.

Deleted member 82554

Well look who's back. Yeah I play simulators if they're any good, but mostly or the car variety.


Flying the tiny skys
I had an unlucky Kerbal, every ship he was on would crash but he would always live. Once I finally got his ass to space I sent him on a space walk and then drove away. Problem solved.
I love the way things bounce in that game, particularly the cockpits.
I've built many a plane that has blown up at Mach 3, and the only thing remaining is the cockpit just spinning off towards oblivion.

Hairy Harry

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2200 hours on Euro Truck Sim 2, nearly 600 on American Truck Sim, about 300 on Spintires, and somewhere around 110 on a few different farming games.

I might have a problem :p


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IL2 Sturmovik: 1946 and Arma 2 - 3

to be fair i still have my old copy of IL2 1946 dam do i miss playing it tho
i would play it but to busy on Arma 3 exile lol


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For me its MSTS/OpenRails and BeamNG.drive. MSTS is the only train sim out there that has proper trains and routes for Melbourne.

Hara Surya

Writer of Furry Smut
DCS World:
A-10C Warthog
AV-8B Night/Attack SVTOL
F-5E Tiger II
Nevada Test and Training Range

American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2

Elite: Dangerous for very arcade levels of simulator.

Cold Waters - Submarine simulator in the same vein as the classic Red Storm Rising

X-Plane 11


I got dating sims! Same thing right?

simulating loVE -SOBSOB-


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I have FSX. Such a fun little game especially if you know a little about airplanes.

I remember learning how to get the jets to land themselves via the autopilot and that changed the game for me, lol.


Pixel Junkie
I've played around with racing sims a bit. GTR2 was about as hardcore as I ever got, but sadly I started having some problems with my wheel some time ago -- so I've been sticking to more controller-friendly games for a while (pCARS2, the recent Dirt games, and if you'd dare call it a sim, hours upon hours of Forza).
Got myself the whole X3 (Reunion, Terran War, etc.) Egosoft Collection on Steam yesterday, and I'm looking forward to plugging in my USB Thrustmaster soon! ^_^ Also have myself EVE: Online, which I haven't started playing yet (have the non-Steam retail box for X3: Gold, which I've played before).