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This is going to be a place (i hope) to talk about singing.

Start out by posting

Your range (if you know it) and voice type.

Chat away singers !



I think Tenor, but I can sing a little higher and lower. I tend to sing well what I do sing, but my voice keeps messing up when I try to go out of my range to copy other singers.
lol I'm a BaraTenor which means deeper voice but with range of a tenor and even a little bit higher. Whats funny is ive been told right after i listen to something i can sing it pretty well and even mimic notes.


hi ilu :>
I'm a bass, bottoming out at a low C. I can sing up through tenor ranges with some effort (not sure what the highest I can reach with my chest voice these days is since I don't generally look at sheet music anymore) and I've got a pretty good falsetto range as well. I don't really have a head/chest gap (I can't recall what the technical term for that is anymore) anymore from having practiced so much.


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I really like singing.

Unfortunately, I don't know how to. I'm bad at it.

Ravens \:3/


I'm not bad at singing!

*squeals in a voice that you are certain would be bad to sing with*


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We should start a band, I'll be the singer and you can be the drummer. And we can have pick of the hundred-odd fucking faggots on this site that play the guitar.

They need to be burds though.

oh god how cool would that be


I am an Operatically trained Countertenor with 4.5 octave of usable vocal range.
I prefer singing Mezzo-Soprano range. ^____^


On the topic of singing: just for the fun of it, I recorded a cover of myself singing "Hey Soul Sister" by Train. Any thoughts?


Apply directly to forehead.
Mezzo-soprano along the mid-range (sometimes dipping to alto) when I sing. I can sing tenor for more masculine songs but it sounds pretty funky.

It's been so long since I took formal singing classes I don't even know what my range is anymore.

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Hand. Cannot. Erase.
i have no idea of my voice range. propably something least awesome.
I'm such a singer. i sing every day:V

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I sing high and I sing low, lousily most likely. Luckily, I only sing when I'm alone and driving. I might (very) quietly sing at work when I hear a favorite song. I've only recorded my singing twice, and one of the samples I have was modified in FL Studio to sound robotic.


I went to Italy with a choir, one of the best experiences in my life, companions could have been better.
I miss singing for choir.
I prefer base, and have had problems being loud. i can sing tener, but don't like singing in falsceto