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I will neither confirm nor deny it but I will say it is hard to resist a catchy tune. Speaking of which, don't forget to throw salt over your shoulder when you hear one.



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I used to sing in a dinky little garage band when I was 17 and I randomly sing when no one's around. I have to be really comfortable around someone to sing in front of them.

Fun fact: when I first started my job and they would leave me alone by myself for hours in the cooler (everyone was too lazy to train me for the first week or so) I would sing every musical number from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. After I sang through all of them I knew it was time to go out and have a cigarette.


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I shamelessly belt out opera arias when I am driving, bored, working on something, or just like the acoustics of an area. The occasional catchy pop song works it’s way in to my repertoire as well. C:

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Sigh? :3

Lol I have okay range 90% of the time. I hit pretty high notes, and when I nail em' It's like "Yesssss" inside.

I tend to stick to singing the more the ballad type songs because they are not as difficult for my voice to traverse. I can carry a low note really well, so it works.


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Back when I was in elementary and middle school, I took chorus for three years. Not to brag, but I guess I'm pretty good at singing. Most people compliment me if they ovehear me. Except my family. Because you know how family members are.

Anyway, I won an important solo out of eighty kids last year so I have to at least be decent, because there were some pretty voices going around.

I don't sing all the time, though. Every few days I may find myself singing some sings stuck in my head, but I try not to let anyone hear. Singing chorus music and music you like are two very different things. I'm kinda insecure about my music tastes because they aren't mainstream or "usually what a girl listems to" when it comes to real life.


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I was singing pretty much constantly for the last 2 hours of work yesterday; partly cos someone left a Green Day playlist on and partly cos it was the only thing keeping me awake by that point.


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As a vocalist for a metal band, I do find myself singing a lot, unsurprisingly. Just not in public, I've found that public places aren't the place to do my sort of vocal work.


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I'm an amateur musical theatre performer so I sing pretty often! Someone once said that your voice is an instrument, and you need to practice often to keep it strong and use it well, so that's what I do! I'm alone at home a lot of the day so I often find myself randomly breaking out into songs, full-volume and everything... I never get more than a few lines in unless it's time I set aside specifically to work on my voice, so it must sound pretty weird to anyone who happens to be passing by!!

My sibling plays the guitar and I sing a lot with them when they do, we tend to just lock ourselves in a room and sing for hours on end until our voices wear out. Kinda silly to push it that far, but it's fun!!


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I have a lot of fun singing, especially on long trips. I’m really nervous around others though so only my fiancée has heard me. I generally stick with musicals or alt rock, singing with the radio is a lot of fun.


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Rather than sing, i whistle. i've been told i'm really good at it and even in school i was never asked to stop. Same for tapping and finger drumming. Mostly i toot classic video game tunes but i even took requests at work.
if i ever do sing, i'm usually alone in the car and i don't sing seriously. i make up lyrics, sing in goofy voices or scat like Spike Jones.