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Single/Couple Character Picture (Budget 40$)


I am looking for an artist to either get a very detailed single character image with simple/minimal background or a couple commission. Both possible images are adult-themed.

Requirements for the Artist:

MUST haves:

1) Experience with chubby characters

2) Providing of W.I.Ps in every stage ( Even better if you can stream the commission, it shortens the back and forth via Notes and/or E-Mail and thus makes it easier for both of us )

3) Knowledge of Perspective ( Especially the single character commission will feature a rather difficult perspective )

Nice to have:

1) Experience with older characters ( meaning 35+ and all associated bodily signs )

2) Streaming the commission ( as mentioned above )

3) Fast turn-around time

Payment via PayPal only.

The exact theme of the commission and pose will be discussed via Note or E-Mail as it is not allowed to post any adult material, written or visual, on the forums at this point.


Hey! even tough I don't have experience with chubby I'm confident I can help you with this project! I usualy stream my commissions and I provide sketch wips.
You can see my commissions infos here: darklunac.tumblr.com/commission
I can do a fully shaded picture for 30$ and 40$ for 2 characters. My prices are in CAD so you can expect them to be a little lower if you pay in USD.
If you like my style you can pm me so I can provide some nsfw examples,


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Hello! I'm a highly skilled professional artist and illustrator that also has a love for characters
of all shapes and sizes. ;) I also would be willing to stream the commission for your peace of mind.

Here is a link to my commission thread, FA gallery, and my gallery on DeviantART for many examples of my
art style and quality. You can contact me via note, private message, or email at karina(at)madsoftgames(dot)com .

I very much hope to hear from you, and thanks for this opportunity.


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Hello! If it's alright, I'd like to talk with you one-on-one about your ideas because you have a slightly odd request and I have a lot of examples to show you that require explanation and some communication.

To answer your posted questions:
-I have a lot of experience with chubby characters! One of my OCs was very chubby, and I think it's a lot of fun to draw. I can give specific examples of this that are not in my gallery if you would like to contact me.
-I give WIPs at every step (from sketch to finished) and will continue to make changes as long as it takes for you to be happy. I am also available to stream for you almost every day. Personally, I love to stream so I can communicate more directly.
-I've done a quite bit of work with perspectives, such as foreshortening and odd camera angles. I don't have many examples of forced perspectives or extreme perspectives, but I do have many examples of some interesting perspectives.
-I've done quite a few portraits of older characters, which I can also give examples of.
-Depending on how available you are and how complicated the commission is, I can turn around a commission in anywhere from 2 hours to a few days.

You can see my commission information here (forum thread) and here (FA post)
You can see my furaffinity gallery here: Artwork Gallery for pyrist -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
You can see more of my human art here: http://pyristart.tumblr.com/

You can note me on my profile, respond here, or email me at cynics.accolade@gmail.com if you have additional questions, if you would like to see specific examples of what I've listed, or if you're interested. I have many more examples of NSFW work, both solo and couple that are not in my galleries and cannot be included in this forum due to rules. I look forward to it.


If you are still looking, I'm available! I charge $20 per colored character, and would love to draw a couple! I'm comfortable drawing nsfw stuff, but prefer it to be more mild. I've also pretty comfortable drawing things in perspective.

Here are a couple examples of my work, you can find more on my tumblr - dakleigh.tumblr.com



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Hello there, I would like to offer my services even though I only have a little experience with chubby characters - I'm very versatile and confident I could pull it off to your satisfaction!
My info can be found HERE.

My turn-around time depends on the level of detail and how swiftly correspondence is made, but can be all from a few hours to a couple of days. I have not streamed before, but I'm sure it could be arranged should you pick me for your commission.