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Site down before the weekend...


So, what happens when your trying to get things squared away... bid on auctions, etc... before FA goes down and it goes down?
i know... -_- i only just saved my last ref for the art i need to work on before the site freaked out.. ugh. i thought they meant they'd start saturday. oh well.. see you in a week to a month fa.. v.v


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It would have been much better if they gave a 1 week notice of maintenance shutdowns instead of the 2 hours we were given.


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Yeah I was certainly surprised it went down today. I figured it wouldn't until either late tonight or early tomorrow morning at the earliest.


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Wow this sort of thread cropped up super quick...

While I will admit they should have given more advanced notice than today about the update/maintenance, all I can say is shit happens. I expected the site to go into offline today mostly cause I count Friday as part of the weekend. It's not the end of the world in my eyes, to the people with auctions and such on the go I do feel for you guys and hope things work out for you.

If we're lucky the site won't even be down that long, but we shall see. Till then, just chill playing a game, doing something creative or read.


Wow this sort of thread cropped up super quick...

I think that the administration should know when they do things right and when they do things wrong, unfortunately this time it was a wrong.

Also, Im trying to bid in an auction, I went to bid some hours before the auction ended, I cant bid, so Im kinda miffed.