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Any suggestions/tips/tricks/advice to navigating this website?

i.e., looking at submissions, but sort by popularity (without specifying a species)

Forgive me if this has already been discussed (which I'm sure it has).

Maybe this could be a thread dedicated to different ways and techniques of browsing?

I am having a hard time with just navigating new submissions because every time I click Next the new submissions offset it so much it looks like I haven't gone to the next page. It makes for frustrating art perusing. I don't know many artists, so I'm just attempting to find new and exciting artwork.


For searching by popularity you would need to visit the search page and change the search criteria from "relevance" to "popularity".

As for a few tips a tricks, you can use these on the search engine.

@lower - [searches usernames, this parameter searches for the lowercase, url-formatted version of usernames]
@title - [searches submission titles]
@message - [searches submission description]
@keywords  -[searches submission tags]
@filename - [searches for precise filename]

For example:
@lower dragoneer @keywords me


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Thank you! Those are nifty tricks.

Is there anyway to just browse by popularity?

I changed the search from relevancy to popularity and hit search hoping it would bring up the gamut without a keyword, but it didn't work out so well. I don't really care about species, I care more about the artwork. Majority of the time I'm not searching for anything specific, I just want to see what is out there.


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If you find some users who enjoy the same type of artwork you do, you can always go browsing through their Favorites gallery, provided they've made their Favorites public. Honestly that's how I find a lot, probably most, of new artists these days.