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Site won't load.


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Whenever i try to open furaffinity.net or any of the pages on the CP/ any art, it gets stuck at waiting for ox.furaffinity.net

Using firefox 3.5.3

I'd open a trouble ticket but my issue is preventing me from doing that, and i might recede into catatonia if i don't get to check my FA :cool:



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a tip: if you can, block ox.furaffinity.net on your router or whatever, it seems to speed things up a little bit as well


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Just wanted to weigh in that I'm having the same problems in Firefox from my home connection (Comcast in west/central VA). Here's some debugging I did:

-In Firefox (3.5.3), attempts to load the FA website or the forums were unsuccessful. The browser processes all headers without issue, but enters an infinite loop after that, while attempting to reach ox.furaffinity.net.

-Attempting to visit the forums from the same browser showed similar results.

-I've always had ox.furaffinity.net blocked in my HOSTS file, but removing this and clearing the DNS cache had no effect.

-Deleting cookies for .furaffinity.net had no effect.

-Loading the site in IE6 worked fine.

-Loading the site from my web server (co-lo'ed in Florida) works fine in all browsers, including Firefox 3.5, IE6, and Chrome 3.0.

-Disabling Javascript for furaffinity.net in Firefox allowed the site to load.

-Re-enabling Javascript brought back the same problems.


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Site wont load

I had quite a bit of problem loading the site today. Very unstable. it was down for a good long time.