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What is #STAZR?

StaZr is a multi-media company based out of Miami Beach, Florida. As a company, we aim to integrate reading back into society by bringing this fully immersive fantasy story beyond the printed page! Focused around a novel series of the same name, STAZR – The World of Z, Founder, and Creator, Dr. Anay Ayarovu, holds the goal of changing the way people read. She opened this multi-media project for the chance to make reading a more attainable and realistic goal for the ordinary busy individual. As of right now, we are spreading the story and name of STAZR as far as we possibly can by using social media, blogging, and art as their primary information sources. Shooting for the StaZrs(STAZR term for stars), we also expect to bring the STAZR series to video game format and a scripted series (i.e., Netflix, Hulu, HBO, etc.)!

What is STAZR – The World of Z Book About?


STAZR – The World of Z: The Dawn of Athir is adult fantasy fiction about ignorance, discovery, and redemption. Long ago, human’s invaded the Stazr star and attempted to overthrow the natives. In return, the Stazrdust began to mutate the humans into ugly and bitter creatures. The mutants were soon outcasted, and some were killed for their wickedness. Years later, the dispute was revived and war broke out, ultimately leading to the closing of an interstellar gate. The gate provided access to this star and all others, meaning that the people of Stazr were now trapped in their own land for the rest of eternity. Now, with the hierarchy slowly disintegrating, the Stazr people must make haste if they are to save themselves from what is to come. Prophesied during the war was a young boy named Lael, who would reopen the StaZr gate and save his people.

Who is the #STAZRAuthor?

Dr. Ayarovu left the medical field behind to focus all of her time on telling a story in a way people have never experienced before! Initially turning to artistic photography, she found herself writing backstories for each of her photoshoots and knew the direction she needed to go. She claims that some of the short stories from those photoshoots made it into the STAZR Series!

When Dr. Ayarovu began writing STAZR – The World Of Z, she looked at the world around her and found conversations. Some that needed to be had but weren’t, and some that were being had but weren’t progressing. Ergo, she sculpted a cast of unique characters that represent a society similar to our own. Each character battles their personal turmoil amidst the flaws and expectations of the land.


What #STAZRProjects Are We Building?

StaZr’s multi-media platform begins with art. The company has created #STAZRCREATOR as a call to artists. We are reaching artists from around the world in bringing the World of Z to life. Once these artists agree to collaborate, they are provided with a portion of the novel to read before given free rein to create their interpretation of the excerpt. Creators are asked to video record their process for posting into a YouTube Artist Series. The videos are StaZrously edited and layered with an interview from the artist.

As an added incentive to the Creators, they are also profiled on StaZr’s weekly blog with their credits and praise!


#STAZR also aims to inspire their fans to CREATE, whether it be fan fiction, dancing, or painting. To provide a little bit of StaZrous inspiration, StaZr invites models and actors into their studio to perform a dramatic reading of the text. To bring this one step further, FX Makeup Artists are also invited to transform the talent into Stazr Natives. Then to take it one step even more now, the reading is presented in multiple beguiling and sultry forms, including ASMR and Song. This project is represented by #STAZRINSPIRED.

#STAZRINSPIRED is a hashtag used for fans and by fans who do not want to commit to being one of the leading artists but still feel inspired by what they see! Stazr-Inspired Fans are invited to create anything they feel led to and submit it through the forum. The benefit of sending their creations through the discussion is the vast viewership in which their art will be seen. Their art will inspire more patrons to get up, get ready, and create!

The next big project StaZr has created is #STAZRevolutionREAD. This is a movement that we are designing to be used as a challenge to the internet. The way it works is this: the company is challenging people to read their favorite STAZR passages aloud on their social media channels. THAT’S IT! So far, this movement has made its way to YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter! Again, StaZr is focused on bringing reading back into people's lives and homes. By creating a challenge centered around the media, viewers are seeing their favorite influencers reading beautiful passages and wanting to learn more.


For YouTube, specifically, influencers are being asked to play one of the #STAZRCREATOR Artist Time-Lapse videos while reading the passage it was inspired by. Connecting the senses is very important to StaZr as they feel it will bring people further into this land where their vision is valuable.


Instagram: @stazr_official

YouTube: STAZR – The World of Z

Facebook: STAZR – The World of Z

Twitter: @STAZR_offical

Pinterest: STAZR


Email: office@stazr.com

Website: https://stazr.com


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Hello Stazrians!

Now you can read STAZR The World Of Z: The Dawn Of Athir for yourself! The novel has officially launched and it is available for purchase in three wonderful formats: hard-cover, soft-cover, and eBook! You no longer need to depend on our small reading excerpts and fun facts to enter the World Of Z, we are passing the baton of knowledge to all of you.

Head over to our online shop at buy.stazr.com to order your copy of the STAZR novel RIGHT NOW! At this shop, you also have access to Stazrous gear and merchandise to complete your fantasy reading experience. Whether you want to read with a Shnail Mug of coffee in your hand, or you need a comfortable SIlly Agez bean bag chair to dream about the interstellar experience, we are providing something for everyone. Stay Stazrous, illustrious Ratadat. Stay Stazrous.


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Uh, huh...

And if I gave a shit I could do the same thing you just did on a novel about a magic using courtesan in Medieval Roman Constantinople can claim a Bachelor of Science from a fairly prestigious university. All the way down to printed copies and a high-minded back story.

That and a $3 will buy you a cup of coffee at my favorite coffee shop. I was in academia too long to be impressed by medical doctors: PhD's in a real science view them as glorified plumbers. (Come back when you've contributed a thesis that advances the state of the art to your field and not just learned how innards work.)

Sorry if I can't sound impressed, but I've been through this circus before on other social media platforms.


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Oh, wow, a teenager prophetisized to be a hero. Let me list the hundreds of titles that have identical plots to how J.K. Rawling did the exact same thing 20 years ago. Not like Harry Potter? OK, Bethesda and Elder Scrolls exists and applies it to stupid levels and dates back to the 1980s. (Don't get me started on Terry Brooks.) How about come up with a more original idea than "teenage chosen one saves the universe?" I've shat out a better idea after Taco Bell.

Also, the basic plot reminds me... a lot... of The Snow Queen by Joan Vinge circa 1980. Seeing how she had cover art by Michael Whelan - easily the best scifi cover artist alive today - and you're self publishing and advertising on freaking Fur Affinity Forum (no offence, but this isn't the New York Times Book Review) that says all I need to know.

Mind you, I self publish and I don't see anything wrong with that, but Jesus Tap Dancing Christ have some humility.