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Illustrator and storyteller, and a human!
Greetings everyone, haven't used this place as much as I'd like, but hey there's always an opportunity!
Right now I have decided to open commissions because the computer I own is a bit of big time potat, in fact it ain't even mine, I only have one working tablet to my name.
But I am willing to work to get a new one :D! S
o here are my humble offerings :3 and all the information I could muster! Edit (The prices above the sheet are wrong please do check the prices bellow.
Also I know work based on slots, here's the "full information"


Okay You'll have to forgive me for Text Wall from here on out! n.n'
- Puedo hablar español, de hecho es mi idioma natal, si a alguien se le ofrece algo, me avisas <3!
My FA page :3, Mi tiny quick portfolio :3
I will be updating this one acording to what the clients have given me as feedback
Notas: Puedo hablar español, si quiere que le tradusca cualquier información le puedo ayudar con lo que necesite :D!
I can also speak spanish and I'm willing to translate if necesary :D!
*** background info
There will be now a difference in between full backgrounds and framed backgrounds, Framed bg will be stylized to be more 2d will full bg more 3d and based on scenery, if the full bg takes more presence than the character the price will be interchanged for the full price of you chose for the character (specially the half and fullbody) this does not apply for the bust.

Can do's
Humans, Creatures, Criters, Animals, Pet's, Designs from Fantasy to Horror, even Mechas! I fear no subject or genre!!!
Also Fanarts, totally doable.
I can also do ships, but only cannon stuff, don't be like "it's cannon cuz I say so, I'll do my research, they have to be a current couple or have been a couple in whatever the characters have come from. (unless the oc's are yours of course the do all you want)

Can't do's
* Reference sheets
Gore (Violent ways of showing organs and other body parts, like chopped up limbs and whatever horrible ways you can do with these, organs on their own, nice and healthy are fine, in fact it's kinda cool B-D)
Pornographic and Erotic content, no semi-naked ladies or men looking sexy. Just sfw stuff, character in question being sexy is not bad per-say, they can pose sexily but I'm not gonna do close ups to certain areas (think like booty shots or body parts being to close to the camera)
I'm just not gonna do it darlings, also no kinky stuff, too many kinks to mention lol!

Send as many as you can, if you can't draw, go to google images and go go go! the more the merrier
And If it's an oc of yours, send whatever you can :D! That being said please do, it makes the time it takes to do your commission go way faster since my brain doesn't work that hard figuring things out.
Why is this? this speeds up the process quite a bit and cooperation is always appreciated
But don't send nsfw pics or kinky or people fondling each other even if there are no body parts, unless you wanna speed run getting blocked by me lmao!

Slots per month!
I've moved them to devianart, you should be able to check those without an account! and should be able to access trough the phone, if you can't please tell me!!!!
Also to take your slot before time and guarantee it, you need to pay 10-5 usd FROM YOUR TOTAL AMOUNT OF THE COMMISSION YOU ARE ASKING, so don't worry you don't have to pay extra for waiting. (also if you pay for a cheaper commission and decide to change it, or viceversa, like paying for an expensive one and changing it, I'll send whatever you have sent back and cancel your commission, be sure of what you want!)
I am no longer taking and waiting for your if someone is willing to pay for it first ad they have to wait longer because of someone who didn't pay, seems like the fair and square thing.

Also please check slots before commissioning me!

Too expensive?
Well actually that's just the average from many examples I've seen, I think this is fair and square and I've gotten previous feedback and apparently it was too cheap haha! it is what it is :D If you wanna blame the prices on someone, blame it on those furries, :V and no I'm not being rude, they told me it was too cheap lmao!!
Too cheap?
well I won't know how to awnser to that hahahaha!

You gotta be an adult OR someone with adult suppervision, Payments are done trough paypal.me or an invoice sent to your e-mail in case you don't have a paypal account. No points or other currency accepted, only in American Dollars or USD.
Also payment upfront, but don't worry I give you money back :3 if you decide to cancel or if I took to long! (over a month!) ( :v I've been scammed by a commission artist I know what it feels darlings.)
Also if you are struggling, you can pay up half to start it, and the last half to get your commissions delivered once it's finished, this is another option :3

Those will be made during the process, I will not make them after the full process has finished, the payment, in other words you'll be getting several updates on your commission and it's process you can also be giving feedback until it is the way you want it, and I'll give you an extra day in case you wanna change something haha :3.

You can contact me trough DM/(private message/chat/whatchucallit) or at discord with "Drag0nPrincesS-Bizzmode#2635"

Extra details.
You can stop the commissions at any point you desire, of course you will not get the piece and that'll be that.
I'm also free to cancel a negotiation if I'm feelin too uncofortable, make sure to keep personal bussiness out of the negotiation!

The final product will be posted to my social media, no extra money will stop me from doing so! haha!
Important, I will not take in devolutions after the piece has been payed and fully done, be intellingent, "I gave this to my boy/girl-friend and we broke up I don't want this anymore" There are no refunds after that and I can't deal with that type of issue, you might require an expert in another area for that
I do accept tips :3!
Also if you like how I work, recommend me :D
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Illustrator and storyteller, and a human!
I'm going to post over in the comments several samples of my work that I do along the way so you can see how I'm working these out :3
Some Poder/Jinx in a boxing setting :) this was a 25 dollar commission, hope you enjoy :3


Illustrator and storyteller, and a human!
Happy new year people :3 and happy late christmas?
I decided to share with you some artwork that some of you have commissioned me and with other older commissions (by you, not quite literally you, but like people of this fandom :3)
Here are some stuff!
*Edit: I edited some prices because some work isn't really that cost efficient for me (time + energy specially time because I have another job so pricess where increased so if painting commission where ever to be made again I feel they need to be worth it)
Prices are what they are currently now not back then tho :3
Pricing: Top: $60 usd, bottom left: $45 usd, Bottom middle: $40 usd, Bottom right: $40 usd

a super old one, today it would be arround $60 usd

This was for a little girl who loved dinos :3
Pricing: $ 100 usd

These are commissions for DnD campaings :3
Pricing: $ 600

Pricing: $180 + 5 (head) usd <---> $ 15 usd

Pricing: $150 usd

Hope that you enjoy this and gives you a clearer idea of what I can do :3! (I did have more but I don't have them right now, some REALLY old commissions made from the undertale fandom)
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Illustrator and storyteller, and a human!
Here's some moer recent artwork I got commissioned :3 (also I really likehow can you resize things in this forum, that's so cool :D!)


Illustrator and storyteller, and a human!
let's do dis!
$65 usd commission, loose painting (sketchpainting)

$55 usd commission,special case,sketchy lineart plus cellshading

$80 usd commission (usually $120), not taking these currently, special case a gift for a freind of a friend.

$32 usd commission, sketch commission


Illustrator and storyteller, and a human!
It's been a while, but here's more commissions, also you can tell the same group of friends has been commissioning me hahaha!!!
If any of ya'll have a different subject would be greatly appreciated! ahhahaha! (not that I'm complaining but diversity in themes is kinda nice :'D )





Illustrator and storyteller, and a human!
Another bunch of commissions done! Again if you have characters that are different than balloon, after all diversity is greatly appreciated :D I'll still draw those but I need something refreshing hahaha! (I'll first show ya some cool different commission tho!)





Illustrator and storyteller, and a human!
Mostly Updating some stuff :3! And yes more balloons, what else could it be lololololo :D! some of these where pretty fun tho :D!!!



This one has to be one of my favourites looks a bit like graphic design :3c



Illustrator and storyteller, and a human!
Commissions from october 2022
99 usd 3 full body characters with a full bg. my fave this month >u<!

sketch compilation 40 usd.


37 usd sketch with framed bg.