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Sketch Commissions! ($5+)


Hi! Thanks for checking this out!

These are sketches, so the quality in each one may be different. I'll try my best though!
If I decline your request it's because I don't think I'd be able to draw it well, Sorry!


SKETCHES: $5 (bust)
+$2 and above for complex details

I can do humans/humanoids as well (example below)
ghj.png eh.jpgeh.jpghjhj.png
(both adoptables are still up for auction! pm/reply if interested)

I may decline, but I can do half/full bodies for +$5 and +$7 respectively.
You can also try requesting clean lineart for +$5 and complex coloring for +$10!

Thank you so much for checking this out!

TOS: Payments are done via paypal invoices. All other means of payment must be negotiated beforehand. The price must be settled and agreed upon by both parties before any work begins. Full payment is expected, at lastest, within two weeks of the completion of the commission. Only extenuating circumstances (confirmed by the artist) may change any of these terms. As they are digital goods, no shipping is required, and no refunds are accepted. A commissioner is allowed stop the commission at any point of progress, in which case the price will be adjusted accordingly.


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