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Sketch Commissions - Limited time only


New Member
Hi guys

Well, I'm feeling a bit sketchy lately (haha, yes I know... I'm a blast at parties... *cough*) and I'm having this horribel thing called "lack of ideas what to draw, but need to practice", so...
  • 20€ / about 22,50$ per char
  • no additional fee for wings, clothes, markings etc.
  • payment via Paypal Invoice

Example Time!

The Rulez:

  • only 1 char per picture
  • you can claim mutiple slots
  • feral, anthro, human, and everything inbetween is welcome
  • no WIPs included
  • can be NSFW if you want

How to get a slot:

Comment under this thread or send a note.
(PM to Schneeauge.Deviantart.com is ok, too)
Please include a visual reference to your character, something about his/her personality and if you have a special pose in mind.

And that's it. ^^