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Ow The Edge


  • First come, first serve
  • No NSFW content or fetishes
  • No overcomplicated characters/designs
  • No hate art
  • I reserve the right to turn down a commission as I see fit.
  • No drama
  • I will discuss commissions through email. If interested, please send me a message at manticoress@hotmail.com
  • Please do not send me notes or comments to discuss a commission, I will redirect you to my email.
  • Payments must be made through paypal only, I ask that commissioners send me the payment through goods and services. I will send the commissioner an invoice once the commission itself has been discussed and approved.
  • Any and all commissions that total to under 100.00 USD must be paid upfront before I begin work.
  • I do not offer refunds or edits for sketch commissions after I complete them.
  • If an event comes up wherein I am unable to complete the commission, I will refund the customer in full.
  • My prices are based on a 15.00 USD per hour wage, I do not haggle.
  • I do not offer streaming or previews for sketch commissions.
  • If possible, please give me SFW image references of your character. I can work from text descriptions, but your mileage varies upon how complete or vague the description is. As well, if there are any particular poses you would want me to use, please include them.
  • Given I can be working on someone else's commission while taking on another, I ask that a commissioner refrain from continuous checking on whether or not their work is done. If you have an IMPORTANT deadline, include it in your message to me.
  • Depending on what type of sketch commission I am working on, a sketch can be completed within a time-frame that spans between 1-9 hours. This does not include rest breaks, food breaks, and IRL responsibilities.
Other examples of my sketch work:

(commission for NS22-Highwater)
(commission for Tyson_Ravenwolf)
(Commission for an anonymous client)
(personal work)
(personal work)
(personal work)


Ow The Edge
bump! Here's another example of my work, from a previous commission I made for an anonymous client on the forum. If you like my style and are interested in a commission, feel free to send me an email and we can get straight to business.


Ow The Edge
Want an art but don't have enough funds to spend on a fullbody? Halfbodies go for just 15.00 USD! Send me an email if interested, and we can discuss a commission. You'll get something along these lines:
(personal work)
(Commission for Surzsha)


Certified Fuzzbutt
I'm just stopping by. Although I don't have any money, I'd like to say you have some nice art! Good luck with your commissions.


Ow The Edge
Headshots like these are $10.00, a page of three is $25.00. If you are interested in a commission, look at the front page of the thread and feel free to send an email through the contact information that is posted.