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(Commission) Selling: Sketch, Headshot, & Fullbody comms $10-$20 img heavy


princess viv
Once you pay me, you have all rights to the image to do as you please. Send payment at any time, but due upon completion. I draw anthro, felines, canines, and rodents, and I will TRY anything. For complex orders (complex designs, lots of accessories or plushies.) I do ask an additional $2 to compensate for the extra time.
pp. palmerr.jonathan@gmail.com
I might accept other forms of currency so please just ask! I do not take snailmail.

H E A D S H O T - $8

F U L L B O D Y S H A D E D - $20

S K E T C H E S -
colored $10
uncolored $5

Apostle Offsite x2 ICON/POSE
Solana Offsite x1 POSE