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Request: Sketch of my OCs together, anyone?


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Left to Right: Russell (Bear), Trip (Fox), Amber (Rabbit), Maggie (Lamb), and Kara (Squirrel)
Would anyone be willing to do a sketch of all 5 of them posing together? I would take care of the lining, coloring and shading, I just need a sketch in order to do it. I would put the final product on an album cover for an FA music album I have in mind for putting my OCs together as a virtual FA music group. (Afterwards, I will open auditions on Casting Call Club for singers for the project.) What I also ask for is that it please be SFW. Also. it doesn't have to be full-bodied, and it could be just upper-bodies, but you may draw them full-bodied if you want to.

If you have questions or are interested, please reply or DM me. I would definitely appreciate it.

Thank you, and have a nice day!