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Sketch Pages starting at only $15!


I have no examples for a sketch page and have never done one for a commission, so I'd need to do one or two to have examples and know how to price it correctly.

Would anyone like to commission me for a sketch page? It will include various media and you can have it in pen/black and white (I will still throw in a touch of color) or color (copics, pen, pencil, maybe watercolor and other media, yet still sketchy). I'll pack the page with as many drawings as possible without overlapping images and the original will be shipped (shipping prices included)

B/w (touch of color)
8.5x11" $15
14x17" $30 (shipping is expensive for this)
Extra characters are $7 each, Max. 3 characters.

8.5x11" $20
14x17" $40
Extra characters are $10 each, max. 4 characters.

If you do not want it shipped the cost will be less, and if you order multiple sheets, shipping only applies one time. PM me with any questions.

I'll open one slot to begin with, and if people are interested I'll reopen for more :D

Examples of sketches: