Free Art: Sketch Practice Requests (on hold)


Currently stuck in an art block, and I thought after staring at a screen for an hour, maybe I should try working on stylizing different species into my style and get better at drawing them!

So basically, just send your sonas or characters that aren't canines or felines and I'll do my best to sketch them!

These will be headshot sketches mostly, unless I get carried away, lol! X3

Art examples below, sorry I don't have more.



I will try my best to get to everyone that posts,


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I have a horse if you're interested.

Thanks for the chance!


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Oh hey! I have a rabbit here if you're interested. Thanks for the chance. Your art's super lovely and it has a lot of character to it. ;u;



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Hey there!
If you're still open for these, would you like to draw my boy Fret?
Here's his references: Fret Refs
Thank you so much!!
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Sorry about the NSFW; I lack other art of her to use as reference material.
If you're willing to draw a head shot or whatever of her or such at all, I'd be quite happy about that!