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Sketch requests!

Edit: Okay, please stop posting new characters for now! I'd like to get caught up with the list, thanks. ^__^

Edit II: ATTENTION: Please see page three!

I want to practice doing some sketches from different angles, so please throw some characters at me. <3 Only one or two per person please. Also throw a short personality description about them so I know what temper they should have.

Feral characters only please, no anthros, unless you want a headshot only. :)

Also, if anybody wants to draw any of my characters for any reason, Tahiti would love to be drawn~! http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3792352

- Blackjack [blackjack94]
- Tao [Faris]
- Marko [furryswag]
- Sigmund [4sak3nFurry]
- Caspian [lone_wolfe]
- Neon [Wolfmoon09]
- Roxy [fluffy-wolf]

To do:
- Pearl [pareldraakje]
- Alex Otter [Lobo Roo]
- Haku [Kohaku Chimaera]
- Willow [WillowWulf]
- Gekirin [Kadarami]
- Sparta [Novaluna]
- Sila [Silachan]
- FoxGlove - Your link isn't working, sorry. :< Can you repost it?
- Jiro [EskapePeanut]
- Mangasama - Need a ref, please~! You swapped out your icon. xD
- omega0ash
- Rezmatez_Cabbit
- Emmie [EmmieTheWhippet]

Gift art from Tanzenlicht! Thank you so much. <3
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You can try a headshot of Blackjack. First link has personality and stuff, second two are pics. All in siggy.


Hare Boi
You could try Tao if you'd like. The picture ref is in my signature. He's got a pretty good temper, and he's pretty nice and calm.


Sorry no feral ref or a clue on what it is so a headshot is perfectly fine if that's okay. Ref in sig. His personality is depending on his mood. I'm curious to see what you cone up with!


Hello there! Neon is technically feral; though not four legged. She is more naga-like. But if she tickles your fancy then I would appreciate a sketch of her ^-^

Neon ref is in my sig.

Thanks for consideration!

Lobo Roo

turtles natures suction cups
I see you've got quite a few to pick from, but if you end up wanting another...(unlikely, I know, but hey, a guy can hope, right?) maybe you'd want to try a headshot of one of my characters? I'm afraid I don't have a feral character, though you can draw any of them feral if you like. The one I most would love art of is Alex Otter, as you can see, all I have is this icon here, and the one sketch linked in my signature. :) He's just a basic river otter, with charcoal grey fur...and usually a brown hat, heh.

Oh, herp derp...personality. He's mostly a quiet, reserved guy, though with friends (and tequila) he can act like a total goof. For the most part he's off in his mind, which is a strange, random place...he likes football, watching and playing, and dabbles in anything his buddies want to try at playing. He actually doesn't like fish, and is pretty much incapable of catching one...but give him a good burger, definitely.

If you don't want to do any more, let me just say that the picture of Blackjack is ADORABLE. Do you have an FA I can watch?
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I am LOVING your style. Like, seriously.

You could try Sparta if you like. Whether you want to do feral or headshot is up to you.
Personality: fun-loving, bouncy, doesn't give a shit what everyone else thinks, thinks outside of the box, likes to be the odd one out and loves the spotlight.

Or if not, it'd be awesome to get some more art of Dumadi.
Personality: Calm, quiet, reserved, laid-back, happy-go-lucky, very wise.


If you're up for a feral arctic fox/puppy mix, I'd love you to draw my fursona ^^ I'm afraid I don't have an actual reference art-wise, since I recently changed her description and appearance a bit, but I'd love to see your take on her!

My description is right there if you scroll down a bit. ^^ You don't HAVE to draw her as a younger pup if you don't want to, but I'd kinda prefer it <3

Thankies :3!
Thanks for all the compliments, guys - and I'm really glad you liked it, Blackjack!

Here's Tao. <3 Did this in pencil and then colored in photoshop for something a little different.