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Sketch requests!


She's Amazing! and i agree with the post above me about this coloring style. It has more....flow, i think.

Thanks alot. She looks awesome!


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Your stuff is cute :) If you have time for anymore later, I'd love to see you draw my Mala.


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I noticed that in the first post you edited it saying you weren't taking more requests till you are done but I'm curious as to when you might be available again. I have two characters I might ask you for, which one I'm not sure yet since both are characters I'd like drawn XD
And here's Roxy!

Mala and Thie - I'm closed for now, sorry. <3 When I finish the ones I have left on here, I'll be opening up slots at my FA account, not on here anymore. :) I think I'm going to try the 100 themes challenge next.

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I decided to do the 100 theme challenge - it's going to help me more with backgrounds and whatnot, and I'd really like to do these characters for that rather than random sketches. For one thing, you'll get a fully colored pic rather than just a headshot. So if you haven't gone and posted here (click), please go do so and choose a theme. This is open to *anybody* who wants to, but if you were on the list on the front page and I haven't gotten to your character yet, I'm going to try to do yours closer to the front of the list. :) Thanks guys! At this point I'm going to close out this thread, since that should keep me occupied for awhile.
oh those are so nice. Can we do a art trade. i would love some of your art and i give some of my art to you. if interested. or need an example of art just tell me. :)
Shapeshifter: My trade slots are filled at the moment, sorry. ;; I need to get through those first before I can consider doing more.

CyberFox/Smelge: Please read the first post? <3 I'm not taking any more requests at the moment.


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Emmie's character, for the theme 'heaven.' Just the sketch so far~ <3

I fail at long legs/will try to fix them up when I ink. >>


Whippet legs are pretty tricky. I practice, and practice, and practice yet I still have a hard time getting them just right some times ^_^; . You did very well! I didn't tell you in my pm reply, but I love that swirly halo and the expression on her face. ^_^