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*I’ve been feeling down lately, so I decided I need to do more art. All sketches until further notice are $5. I can probably do about 10 a day.
I am fast, I am very fast. You can also choose between digital, graphite, or ink.

Also, I've posted here only once before so please be gentle with me if I mess up. I'll just say I'm sorry ahead of time.

Hey all, I promise I’m much better at art than titles.

I’ve reopened commissions! Well, actually I disappeared for over a year, but I’m back!
I don’t really have many examples of recent work except the sheet below, so until further notice, everything is discounted.
*I may tack on a few bucks if your request has a lot of details.
If you have a style you’d like me to draw or paint in, I can also do that. My style is linework based, but if you want something shape-y I can do that too. I haven’t done chibis since middle school but, hey, I’ll give it a shot.


My specialty:
Canine, feline, reptile, avian
I’m not as comfortable with anthro as I am with quad, but I can do both. Anthro just takes me a little longer).

Da rules:
  • Don’t reuse my linework (without permission). Don’t copy/trace my work. Don’t claim it as your own.
  • I don’t know, obvious courtesy things.
  • Other than that, you’re free to use my artwork wherever, however you like, so long as you keep my signature on it. This applies to cropping the image or doing minor color adjustments.
  • If you’d like to commission icons or adoptables (are they still called that?) I can do those too.
  • I’m unbiased and very hard to unsettle. I’m not opposed to NSFW but I’ve never really done it before so it probably won’t be very good. I’m up for trying it though. I like drawing new things.
  • I’m making art for you, if you want a private commission, it will be private. Just make sure you let me know if you don’t want it on my Instagram or DA.
I’m sure I’ve forgotten something.
If you have any questions, or would like to request something more privately, feel free to email me at:

My paypal is the same.

DA: Dingone on DeviantArt