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Sketchbook Auction


The sketchbook has more or less 80 pages
The sketchbook is A4
Each page will be filled with sketches from the buyers characters.
from 10 to 10 pages there will be a complete drawing which varies from a small sticker size to full page size.
I will only draw in one side of each page so that the drawings arents damaged and dirtyed from the drawings of the oposite pages.
I will NOT charge for : sexual content, violent content (gore, vore, etc), shipping.
I'll be shipping worldwide
80$ Reserve

The time starts ticking after the first bid, once the first bid is made the auction will end exactly one week after, at the exact same time.

The starting price is : 10$

I will be hosting this auction here, in my FA account, and my deviantART.
To keep track of the other site's possible bidders go to:
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